Mario Piazza

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Mario Piazza

Born in New York city on September 23rd, 1956, Mario Piazza has lived in Rosario, Argentina, since he was ten months old. In 1973, he obtained first place in a national mathematical competition (the Argentina Mathematical Olympics) and then he studied the first three years of Electronic Engineering, abandoning it later for the cinema. In 1974 he began to carry out his own films in Super 8 format.
He organized numerous screenings of independent cinema and published five issues of the specialized underground magazine "El Superochista" (The Supereightist).
His film "Dream for a clerk" (Sueño para un oficinista, 1978) was shown at several theaters in the country, as part of the concerts for rock group Irreal, who had composed the sound track for the film and performed it live during the projections. The film received laudatory comments in the music sections of juvenile magazines.
In 1980 he was invited by the Goethe Institute Buenos Aires to participate in the Seminar of Experimental Cinema run by German filmmaker Werner Nekes. In 1981 and 1984 he was invited to present Argentinean programs at the Super 8 film festivals of Montreal, Caracas, Cali, Barcelona, Lisbon, Ann Arbor and Brussels. In this last one he also acted as a juror. His film "Papa Gringo" (1983) obtained six main prizes in international Super 8 film festivals and it was aired by French TV chain Antenne 2. He has worked for the Provincial School of Cinema and TV in Rosario since its foundation, in 1984, and he currently works in its Center of Documentation. He has worked since 1976 at making medical and surgical documentaries. He was Director for the Municipal Competitions of Cinema (1987 and 1988) sponsored by the Subsecretaría of Culture for Rosario's Municipality. He was President of the Jury of Rosario's Latin American Video Festival for its first five editions, in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1998. He was also a juror for the Santa Fe Film Contest, in 1985 and 1995, for the National Competition of Cipoletti, in 1984, and for Villa Gesell's Argentinean Days of Independent Cinema and Video, in 1996.
"Ms. Olga's School" (La Escuela de la Señorita Olga, 1991) is his first 16mm film. The film has had more than 200 special screenings, in some 60 Argentinean towns, and has obtained five national and three international prizes. Since its screening and prize at the Havana Festival, the film has been distributed to all the pedagogic universities of Cuba. The video edition of the film has sold more than 4000 copies.
"Cachilo, the poet of the walls" is his first video
He is a founder member of the collective Espacio Mirada Documental and of ADOC, Documentarians Association of Argentina.
During 2001 he conducted el First Workshop of Documentary Production for the Centro Audiovisual Rosario, in which six documentary shorts were produced.
The Documentarians Meeting of the 8th Latinamerican Video Festival of Rosario devoted to him a retrospective and an homage, in September 2001.
His project
"Mothers on Wheels" has won main prize at the 2002 Doc BsAs Workshop, organized by Cine Ojo and the Embassy of France in Argentina.


(Partial) Filmography as Director

"Sueño para un oficinista" ("Dream for a clerk", 1978) - Super 8, fiction, 20 min.
A bordo de un carrito" ("On board a Wheelchair", 1981) - Super 8, documentary, 30 min.
Papá Gringo" ("Papa Gringo", 1983) - Super 8, documentary, 22 min.
La Escuela de la Señorita Olga" ("Ms. Olga's School", 1991) - 16mm, documentary, 50 min.
Cachilo, el poeta de los muros" ("Cachilo, the poet of the walls" , 1999/2000) Video, documentary, 60 min.


Mario Piazza
Pje, Cajaraville 165, 6º A, 2000 Rosario, Argentina
tel. 54-341-424.4941 / fax: 54-341-447.9874



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